Hoof Knives

Stainless, very sharp.

Length of blades 80mm.

With hard wood handel.

Hoof knife narrow bladed, right - FM T0001

Hoof knife broad bladed right - FM T0002

Hoof knife broad bladed double - FM T0003

Hoof knife, narrow bladed left - FM T0005

Hoof knife right - FM T006

Hoof knife left - FM T0007


Sharpening Tools

For hoof knives and scrapers.

Sharpening stone standard - FM T0008

Sharpening steel for hoof knife, pocket model - FM T0009


Hoof Rasp

Straight, 35cm, extra deep, and sharp rasp blow.

Hoof rasp straight 350mm - FM 10010.


Super Flex, flexible bandage

Self adhesive flexible bandages 10cm x 4.5m stretch - FM BA002

12 pcs per pack. Blue Farmnology.

Self adhesvie flexible bandages 7.5 x 4.5m stretched - FM BA001

12 pcs per pack. Blue Farmnology.

MOQ 200 packs of 12 pcs for each colour.


Hoof Putty

Hoof Putty, preventive care against digital dermatitis (imported from the US), 12 jars per box.

MOQ for Putty 100 boxes of 12 jars. - FM CH001

MOQ for Salicylic acid 50 boxes of 12 bags. - FM CH002



Profesisonal angle grinder 125mm 1300W, with extra-long, curled cord.

MOQ 200pcs.

FM AU001.


Hoof Discs

Aluminum disc with carbide ceramic knives. 1 pcs per box. FM AU002

Knife for hoof trimming disc, 1 pcs per bag - FM AU003

Steel disc, Swedish model, blue, 1pcs per box - FM AU005

MOQ disc any style 200pcs.


Hoof Rasps

For treatment of approximately 1000 cows. Reduces dust and heat generation.

Hoof rasp disc tungsten 115mm, coarse - FM AU006

Hoof rasp disc tungsten 115mm, fine - FMAU007

Fine Silica disc 5pcs per pac - FM AU008

MOQ 2000 packs of 5pcs



Tools & Accessories


Tools & Accessories