Farmnology: About us

The seeds for Farmnology were planted in 2007 when Gronsedt Technology was established in Shanghai in China by a Danish Mechanical Design Engineer Lars Grønsedt. The company grew fast over the years and now has  factory areas in excess of 10.000 sq.mtr and self produced and designed products all over the world. During the years, more and more self designed products for farming was produced and in 2014 the brand FARMNOLOGY was created to give the clients a better understaning of the total product range, and to prepare for a seperate global band within the group.

Our Vision


China is the fastest growing market for meat and dairy in the world. With the vast population and wealth growing every year, the demand for food and of course better quality is acccelerating year by year. 

We have made it our quest to bring innovative solutions to the dairy, cow, pig and chicken farmers in China. A marketsize never seen in the world's gives us leverage by the shear volume bringing costs down and investing in advanced technology. Maturing in China and bringing it to the rest of the world.

Farmnology is making livestock farming easier using China as the leveler to bring such scale of innovation, production, low costs to the whole world

Local Understanding - Economy of Sale

Thinking big is not the solution when driving innovation. We need to stay close to our users - the farmers - therefore we are creating a strong network of distributors who are capable of bringing ideas to us and create the best practice and solutions which we can bring into the large economy of scale we have when the right idea has been found and matured into a real product.

Big and small - hand in hand


Making livestock farming easier.